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About us

The Autism Together Model (ATM) has been developed by the award-winning training team at UK support charity Autism Together.

For over 50 years our charity has been providing support to autistic people, offering a wide range of residential services, supported living, day services and community support from our base in Wirral, UK.

A fulfilling life

Research has shown that specialist education and structured support can really make a difference to the life of autistic people. Every autistic person is unique, so we work with each individual to help them overcome the difficulties autism presents them with, enabling them to lead a creative and fulfilling life.

Specialist care

As a specialist provider of support to autistic people, our organisation recognises each person has a right to live their life as they choose. We create a shared understanding of each person’s strengths and needs, ensuring their preferred way of communicating these is respected and implemented by all our staff.

Our support approaches and strategies are focused on developing lifelong learning, helping to develop people’s skills by considering their communication needs, thinking patterns, social understanding, and sensory differences.

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